Annoying Types of Damage Raccoons Can Cause to External and Internal Property

Pests can be extremely annoying and also disturbing, especially when they are making damages and chaos into people’s living space and personal area. Most people think that pests are only referring to small animals, such as rats, insects, or mice, but raccoons can actually do pretty large size damages to people’s property. Most people do not think of raccoons as pests, but they can be extremely annoying and disturbing, especially when they are making damages on the lawn, gardens, or even the house properties, if you don’t believe us read this great article “All About Raccoons” and you would change your opinion.

So, what types of damage raccoons can cause? First of all, the damage can be made on the yard or lawn. Fresh planted soil can be damaged by raccoons trying to find worms or grubs for their meal. Since they know that fresh soil has been dug and taken care of, they know that their chances of finding fresh worms are quite high. It may be beneficial for them, but it is terribly disturbing for people who care for the soil. Besides disturbances on the soil, raccoons can kill poultry or small birds when people keep them on the yards or lawns.

Raccoons like eating poultries like chicken or ducks. They also like eating the young or the chicken chicks, as they are relatively easier to target. When people see the remains of flesh or the head is being left several feet away from the remaining of the body, it is likely that their poultries are being attacked by raccoons. Raccoons also like eating the eggs on the spot or carrying the eggs with them. When eaten on the spot, the eggs will be cracked open. When carried away, there will be distinctive marks and patterns that show that the eggs are being taken away.

When people keep their corns or watermelons on the truck, and there’s visible damage on the corn stack, the raccoons may be responsible for it. They like eating the ear parts, and the husk of eth corn will be pulled back. They tend to break the stalks too as they are trying to reach the ears. They also like making holes on the watermelons and then rake the contents by using the front paw. The watermelon may look intact from the outside, but it is empty.

Besides the external types of damage raccoons can cause, they can also cause internal damage to the house too. When they are trying to find their way into the ceiling or attics, they may make holes or break things. They make find small openings on the wall or even of the chimney, and then they try to enlarge the openings so they can enter. It is possible that they tear weak board or shingles to make their way into the house. Of course, it can cause damage to the whole structure.

If they are already in the house, they may dig through the garbage to find food, which can cause clutter and also messy condition to the house. Not to mention that they like biting wires or able insulation. There’re many home invasion cases involving raccoons as the main culprit. It is not clear why they are damaging the wires or the insulation; it seems that they just like doing it.