Basement Renovation Ideas

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Ideally, many home owners use their basements as sites for depositing home equipment that are not useful. That is basically why these places are characterized by hanging cobwebs, exposed plumbing and wiring, cluttered boxes and out of use cars. Nevertheless, basements can be turned into useful places for the homes, due to their vast spaces, basements can function as home entertainment rooms, home car garages, home office, home reading rooms, basement suites or even family rooms. Because of these reasons, basement renovation has become a normal procedure in many homes. However, when you are planning no renovating your basement, you must ensure that you make proper plans and considerations since in itself, basement renovation is not as easy as A. B. C..

Before you begin to plan your renovation process please see some basement renovation professionals in Toronto examples and then take time to make thoughtful plans of how you wish the transformation of your basement to proceed. Most probably, you will want to think of how to renovate the lighting, flooring and ceiling, after choosing the purpose for which you are carrying out the renovation of your basement. Therefore, this article seeks to give you some of the best basement renovation ideas that you need to consider while planning on basement renovation.

Firstly, you must clearly indicate the function for which you want to use your renovated basement. Clearly define your plan for the basement before embarking on the actual renovation procedures. If you are renovating the basement for a garage, your plan will be very different from when you are renovating for a home office. Intuitively, your renovation plans will be dictated by the purpose for which you are intending to use the basement. For instance, if you are renovating for a home office, you will have to include things such as, desks, shelves, and storage. This plan will be different from when you are renovating for children’s play room since unlike home office, children’s playroom will require that you have washable window covering, durable flooring and a free space for toys. In other words, before you begin renovating your basement, first define the reason for renovating and its function.

One of the elements of the basement that you will probably have to renovate is its ceiling. Most of the basement ceilings are always incomplete and are characterized by exposed plumbing pipes and wiring, hanging cobwebs and hanging ducts. You must completely assess how you wish to set and use plumbing equipment and electrical wiring in your renovated basement. The ideal situation however, is that you create a suspended ceiling since this type of ceiling is both attractive and functional as it gives room for future adjustments.

Generally, basements have poor lighting conditions and lack access to natural lighting from the sun. It therefore follows that you consider the most convenient way of lighting up your basement. You should ensure that the new basement features recessed lighting. Though, you might also combine the recessed lighting system with ambient lighting from table lamps and floor.

Lastly, you must ensure that the flooring of the basement is in line with its projected function. As indicated earlier, children’s playing room and home gym will need strong and durable flooring that is easy to clean Ideally, you should consider using linoleum or tiles. On the other hand, living space will require hardwood and carpet flooring. But most importantly, you must understand that basements are characterized by highly moisturized floors, so you need to consider installing sub-flooring or choose a water resistant flooring option